Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why don't you come up some time and see me?

In honor of reaching 600 movies watched from the 1001 movies you must see before you die list, I regale you all with a post!! How fun for you and me! I think the real reason I'm posting is cause I'm procrastinating. I have an assignment to finish up that's due tomorrow and I just can't get it finished. So I'd rather update the blog I haven't updated in many, many moons than just finish my homework, I'm a genius aren't I?

So the movie that ended up being my 600th movie is a very uncharacteristic movie for me. It was Rosemary's Baby. It isn't exactly the kind of movie I would seek out and watch; but I'll admit it was pretty good. It was weird seeing Ruth Gordon as a creepster, especially since she was so adorable in Harold and Maude. But she did a good job with the role, all the acting was great. Mia Farrow conveyed all the fear that one would be feeling if they were being lied to by everyone (including her husband) and carrying the spawn of satan. The ending was a little anti-climactic, but all in all a good movie. Anyway, back to the update:
  1. First up is 42nd Street. I got this movie from Netflix in 2007. I was familiar with the story because in Middle School the theater group put on this play, and a boy I had a crush on had the lead roll. The movie was good, very entertaining.
  2. I was very intrigued by Footlight Parade, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to see James Cagney in a musical of all things. I was pleasantly surprised. I also really enjoyed Ruby Keeler and Joan Blondell. I got the movie from Netflix a few years ago.
  3. I got Gold Diggers of 1933, from Netflix in 2007. I don't remember this movie that well. But I remember enjoying it. I'm a big fan of Musicals, especially Busby Berkley musicals. I can't help but wonder how those girls don't topple right over, I can barely walk in heels, yet they prance around and teeter atop stairs and platforms. Very impressive.
  4. I saw, She Done Him Wrong (1933), during my Cary Grant phase. I actually bought the Mae West boxset for a friend of mine and she insisted that I watch a Mae West movie. I, of course, suggested this one. I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun to see Cary Grant before he was the Cary Grant. He was slightly doofy looking, but you could tell he would go on to do some exciting things. And it was so great to have a strong female lead, she was the one calling the shots and of course it was wonderful to hear the famous (and often misquoted line): "Why don't you come up some time and see me?"
  5. Duck Soup was my first exposure to the Marx Brothers. I caught it on TCM in 2007. I love the silly wordplay and the insanity of it all. They're just so silly and ridiculous.

Well I should get back to my homework.

Next installment should include: Queen Christina (1933), Las Hurdes (1933), King Kong (1933), The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933), Sons of the Desert (1933), It's a Gift (1934)
Stay Tuned!