Monday, July 16, 2007

First Post

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This is going to be my attempt to keep an up-to-date journal of the movies I've seen while trying to complete the list of 1001 must see movies. For reference here is the list that I am basing my viewings on: 1001 Movies You Must See

Here's a little background before we get started. Let me explain the list, there's a book titled "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die" as you can see it has a very scary picture of Jack Nicholson on the cover from the movie 'The Shining.' You've probably seen it in a bookstore, it's a book published by Barons and edited by Steven Jay Schneider. I hadn't taken much interest in the book in the past, but I had recently been watching a lot of classic films and decided to see how many of the movies I had seen, thinking I would have an impressive number.

This was not the case, when I first talley-ed up the movies I had seen from the list I had only seen 201 of the movies. I was shocked. I've always been a fan of movies, took a couple of classes in college, but I guess I hadn't seen enough of the bigger, more important films. That was when I decided to make a real effort to see more of the films on the list. That and because one of my best friends had bested me by seeing more than twice as many of the movies as me and I had to defeat him. :)

At first, I was a bit haphazard about how I was going to tackle all these movies. I decided to add movies from the list that I had always wanted to see, but put off watching, to my Netflix queue. Let me take this moment to express my love of Netflix and say that it is the main source for the movies from the list. I didn't want to get too involved and just get movies from Netflix from this list, so I continued getting current movies, or TV shows and just staggered in movies from the 1001 list.

From October of 2006 thru around last week (July 2007) I got my number of seen movies up from 201 to 265 and I was having a lot of fun with the project, seeing movies I had always wanted to see and some that sounded interesting to me. But last week I decided that what might make more sense would be to watch the movies in chronological order, so I take away an experience and see how film has progressed and evolved over the years. And I would have more order instead of a hodge-podge of cinema.

So I felt like this blog would help me do a better job of working through the list in order. So here we go! :)

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